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Frank E. Billingsley Press

“Good read and a very true story. I also grew up there and was about 4 years older than Frank. Wish I would of known then maybe we could of been each other’s support. But we survived. God bless you, Frank.- Amazon

“An inspirational story. I recommend this book to everyone. The message to persevere and rise above our circumstances is the song this book sings.- Amazon.

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My Review: This is a very well written book, about a teenage boy who is constantly bullied because he is different from his peers. The acceptance of differences thirty years ago was much less then it is today, mainly regarding sexuality differences and the author describes in a most sentimental way all the struggles lived by this boy at that time. This book illustrates not just his struggle for survival, but mainly hope that things can and will change for the better. After going over through so many humiliations in his young life, he concludes that he does not want to continue living like that. He lost hope and felt worthless, and tried to take pills to end his life, but failed to accomplish this task. The boy discovers little by little who he really is. When he figures himself out and his purpose in life, his life acquires a new meaning and although he does not have support, he manages to pass this difficult phase of his life and move on with his new found identity in his mission to help people.
Although it is in the short side for the size, the contents of the book are strong and with a positive message. Well written, very inspirational, this book will keep you entertained for hours. I recommend it to the permanent library of all readers who appreciate a novel with a positive message of encouragement for those who feel different from what is consider by common sense to be normal. Is it about time for us to review our prejudices? This book might make you think about that.

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